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Pomeroy Dairy is owned and operated by siblings Rachel and Randy, fourth generation farmers. Growing up on the farm, Rachel was the animal lover and Randy was always tinkering with some piece of equipment. After going away to college, we have been fortunate enough to be able to make full-time jobs out of things we enjoyed as kids. Rachel now takes most jobs working with the cows and creamery, while Randy primarily handles field work and equipment.


Our Westfield farm started when L. Ralph Pomeroy purchased the property in the 1930's. He did a little bit of everything with the farm name L.R. Pomeroy & sons, from apples and sweet corn to maple syrup and milking cows. Over the years, he was joined by two of his sons, Lew and Seth, and his grand-son Harlow. Eventually, the farm started to focus on milking cows, shipping milk to Agri-Mark (makers of Cabot cheese). 

Today, we still ship the majority of our milk to Cabot. Processing what we can on farm to make the delicious cheese curds, yogurt and cream cheese we sell in our farm store. 

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